RE: moviendo conceptos. generando pensamiento
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We're a group of people convinced that social change is generated through reflection spaces on the fundamental problems of our experience, developing thought that motivates action.


What's RE:?

A project that seeks to foment critical, cooperative and creative thinking on children and youth through philosophical reflection and the use of innovative methodologies, making sure they can think and act autonomously, while also becoming more aware of themselves and the things that surround them. 

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We want to live in a society whose members are able to reflect critically on their surroundings, deliberating and cooperating to find solutions to the diverse issues that affect society.



Taller San Agustín

Get to know about our experience with the "Recognizing us" workshop with fifth and sixth graders going over the topic of personal identity!

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All manner of discrimination, the way we treat non-human animals o the absolute indifference toward environmental care are clear examples of dangerous conduct whose origin has much to do with the way we think of these issues themselves. 

If as children we received education teaching us the value of rigorous and impartial thought, while also getting help on understanding how our actions should be sustained on sound reasons to be justified, then perhaps such harmful things would be harder to come to, both on us and others.

We know it's not enough to teach certain cognitive abilities to change the world, but we are sure of its position as a key element toward that goal.

Correct thought patterns aren't enough, but are necessary for a better world. Problems such as indoctrination, individualism or indifference are a barrier for proper thinking, and thus, better acts.


Our proposals?

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If we were to deeply analize our beliefs, we would probably find a common origin for many: blind repetition and a lack of questioning toward the ideas of others.

Doubting normally accepted beliefs, elaborating questions from doubt and evaluating possible resolution alternatives while searching for each's evidence is a process that forces us to think for ourselves and invites autonomy on thought.

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Work, school and all the tasks that lead our thoughts to such activities on a daily basis quickly make us forget of other valuable dimensions of our human experience.

Our own inner world, our wishes, emotions and world perspectives, as well as the vast and wonderful environment we're immersed in should the source of the most genuine wonder and curiosity for human beings, such that extraordinary phenomena like our language, our ability to perceive color or planets in space never cease to amaze us.


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How many times have we held ourselves as holders of the truth?

Regrettably, –and probably– many times. However, history has shown us that big ideas never come out of one single mind, rather, they come from collaboration. Whether through discussion from a scientific community, or like modern philosophers, through correspondence, the clash of thought, mutual correction and sincere effort for a better understanding of an issue is the most honest and fructíferos way of reaching relevant conclusions.

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